Modern Solutions for Today's

Modern Families
People form many different types of committed relationships and many of them do not involve a marriage contract. Some couples may not be eligible to marry under state law or may have decided that marriage is not a priority, and therefore do not have access to a number of valuable tax and legal benefits. However, there are effective planning tools and strategies unmarried couples can use to accomplish both their retirement and wealth transfer objectives.
The Voya™ Life Companies have created several new consumer brochures to help you work in the unmarried partners market. Each brochure has been printed in three separate versions – one each for unmarried male prospects/clients, unmarried female prospects/clients, and unmarried heterosexual prospects/clients. The language in each version of the related brochures is the same; the pictures have been changed to enhance their appeal. They can be ordered on Voya for Professionals and are available for personalization on the Voya PromoCenter: